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Chirosolve, Inc. offers 'peace of mind' with solutions that, within a matter of days, define a step-by-step optimized chiral separation method that can be scaled up to multi-kilo quantities. Since we use the industry standard technique - diastereomeric crystallization, you can be sure that the method developed will be robust, consistent, and cost-effective. The chirally pure products can be drug molecules, intermediates, agrochemicals, flavors/fragrances, or petrochemicals.

Kit Based Solutions

  • Screen - Identify comprehensive list of chiral separation reagent candidates and choose the best candidate
  • EnantioPrep - Packaged for medchem projects; delivers up to 20 gm of pure enantiomer within matter of days
  • ScalePrep - Packaged for fully optimized method development (process development projects); delivers up to 50 gm of pure enantiomer; as well as fully scalable, optimized separation method within matter of days

Service Based Solutions

  • Screening - Identify chiral separation reagent candidates and recommend the best candidate that offers the highest yield and purity
  • EnantioPrep - Deliver a small quantity of pure enantiomer within a week
  • ScalePrep - Deliver up to 50g of pure enantiomer, as well as fully scalable, optimized separation method within 2 weeks
  • Custom Synthesis - Premier contract research service for the delivery of building blocks, analogs, reference compounds, intermediates and derivatives of lead chiral and non-chiral compounds

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