EnantioPrep kits for Medchem Applications

EnantioPrep Kits cost-effectively deliver pure enantiomer from racemate for lead optimization and preclinical testing.

Producing racemate is a difficult, time consuming and expensive process which puts a premium on enantiomer separation yield and purity. In addition to the need for chiral separation processes to be very efficient, it must be fast to allow for continued compound testing. Chemists want all the available enantiomer and they want it with minimum delay.

EnantioPrep meets these stringent process requirements using diastereomeric crystallization. Starting with a screening process to find effective separation conditions (384 unique combination of resolving agents and solvents), EnantioPrep recovers all the racemate used in screening; then separates out the desired enantiomer using the identified separation conditions.

EnantioPrep includes:

  1. ChiroSolve Screen, a set of 4 kits comprising 384 unique combinations of resolving agents and solvents packaged in 4 x 96 well plates
  2. ChiroSolve Purify, a set of reagents and apparatus for successive re-crystallization to attain the target yield and purity.
  3. Complete step-by-step procedure that seamlessly allows multiple crystallization to deliver increasingly pure enantiomer

Its goal is to use a minimum amount of racemate for screening, recover the racemate used during screening and then to use it during the re-crystallization steps until the target (or highest) purity is achieved.

Key features:

  • 4 Screen Kits offer exhaustive screening to identify best separation conditions
  • Purify Kits allow quick recovery of racemate
  • Self-contained design of the product allows streamlined and consistent process for method development and to get pure enantiomer
  • Very little amount of racemate is needed (0.5 to 4 gms)
  • Results within 2 weeks; up to 90% of theoretical enantiomer yield

Key benefits:

  • Fast delivery of isolated enantiomer at a target purity and yield needing minimum amount of racemate
  • Cost-efficient method development through iterative crystallization accelerates lead optimization and preclinical processes
  • Consistent results provide solid basis for developing complete separation strategy
  • Value-creating foundation builds differentiated patent estate
  • Works against any racemate (acid, base, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, amino acid, racemate with multiple chiral centers)

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