Optimize Kits

After identifying the ideal combination of resolving agent and solvent that offers optimal chiral separation (through the use of Screen and Purify kits), Optimize Kits identify the ideal concentration of solvent, and the best ratio between resolving agent and the racemate that can yield the highest amount of pure enantiomer with minimum number of re-crystallization steps.

These kits contain different quantities and concentrations of a single resolving agent and solvent combination; so that an ideal ratio of the racemate and resolving agent that offers pure enantiomer using minimum steps can be determined within a matter of hours.

The kits are available as part of our ScalePrep Solution; but can be purchased separately as well. Please contact us for more details.

Key Benefits:

  • Chiral separation method optimization achieved within days rather than months by systematically converging on optimization parameters
  • Focused efforts addressing scalability dynamics in terms of robustness, number of steps involved, energy efficiency and process safety
  • Establish an elaborate step-by-step scalable procedure for separation through iterative crystallizations required to achieve required purity
  • Produce multi-gram quantities of enantiomer for use in preclinical testing
  • Provide a design basis for enantiomer manufacturing

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