Purify Kits

After you use the ChiroSolve Screening kits, these kits can be used to:

The kits are self-contained and do not require any other device (except HPLC to identify how much enrichment is achieved after each re-crystallization) to do the work. They are available in two sizes:
- Smaller size to be used along with a single screening kit
- Larger size to be used with a pack of four (4) screening kits

The kits include following main components:

Key Benefits:

  • Obtain pure enantiomer (up to 90% of theoretical yield) using minimal quantity of racemate
  • Up to 90% of the racemate used during screening can be recovered
  • Establish a robust procedure for separation through iterative crystallizations needed to achieve target purity
  • Produce multi-gram quantities of enantiomer for using in preclinical testing

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