Custom Synthesis

ChiroSolve offers “one stop shop” experience towards outsourced lead discovery and optimization efforts. We can deliver the compounds from milligrams to 50 gm quantity in-house; and can work with our partners to scale-up beyond this quantity. We can deliver:

Note: All our services are considered “research projects” and we cannot guarantee that the enantiomeric purity will be achieved. Work is done under best-effort basis.

Customer Centric Services

Medicinal Chemistry Services

  • Lead optimization and structure-activity relationship profiling
  • Rapid derivatisation of small molecules
  • Synthetic feasibility study

Process Development

  • Small-Scale Synthesis of API and Intermediates
  • Method development and optimization

R&D Services

  • Custom synthesis of chiral and non-chiral building blocks
  • Parallel synthesis of focused libraries (lead generation)
  • Synthesis of metabolites and impurities

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