ENANTIOPREP (duration 7 to 10 days)

EnatioPrep service offers quick delivery of enantiopure compound for medicinal chemistry needs within matter of days. ChiroSolve "Screen" kits and "Purify" kits are used to perform the work in 3 steps:

Screening: Using 4 Chirosolve kits, the racemate is screened against 384 combination of resolving agents/solvents; and best separation candidate is selected among them

Recovery: Using the ChiroSolve Purify kit components, up to 90% of the racemate used during the screening is recovered from its diastereomeric salts for further purification

Purification: Using the ChiroSolve Purify kit components and the selected combination of resolving agent and solvent from the screening test, the recovered racemate is purified using series of re-crystallization steps. This involves treating the increasingly purified enantiomer mixture with the selected solvent; heating and cooling the mixture; and extracting the further purified enantiomeric crystals. These steps are repeated until enantiomer with target (or highest) purity is obtained

Note: All our services are considered “research projects” and we cannot guarantee that the enantiomeric purity will be achieved. Work is done under best-effort basis.


  • Up to 90% of the racemate used during screening can be recovered; maximizing the use of racemtae to deliver pure enentiomer
  • Pure enantiomer obtained after repeated re-crystallization may yield up to 1/3rd quantity of the racemate used
  • Up to 5 gm. of pure enantiomer and detailed step-by-step separation method can be developed within matter of days

Key Benefits

  • Quick turn-around time to receive pure enantiomer using consistent and robust technology
  • Gives "Peace of mind" knowing that the method being defined can be easily scale-up and optimized
  • No additional set-up, or investment of expensive instrument needed if larger quantities of enantiomer are needed

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