Screening (Duration: 3 to 5 days)

Target racemate is screened using 4 kits against 384 combinations of resolving agents/solvents. In some cases, we may customize the kits to include specific resolving agents or solvents if the racemate properties are known.

If the racemate is a weak base, strong acid kits are used. Glass Vial Kits" that only require 2 mmol of racemate (as opposed to 12 mmol racemate needed by standard kits) may be used if only a small amount of racemate is available.

Results are provided in terms of product yield and specific rotation values on a digital polarimeter. We also identify two or three of the highest purity-and-yield combinations for scale-up.

Note: All our services are considered “research projects” and we cannot guarantee that target enantiomeric purity will be achieved. Work is done on a best-effort basis.


  • Over the years, ChiroSolve has performed over 100 screening projects with 100% success rate
  • Sample racemate can have one or more chiral centers; and be of type acid, base, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone and amino acid.

Key Benefits

  • Confidence in selecting candidates for product development and strategies
  • Establish an IP foundation
  • Easy, rapid preparation of enantiomer for early lead optimization and preclinical testing

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